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The Network Effects of IGOs and Donors: The Case of the Women's Network

Purpose: Identify the network for "16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence," an women's network event. Derive the unifying themes surrounding violence (for possible inclusion on the banner).

Key Question

What is the network? Which women's networks dealing with violence thrive without linkages with Inter-Governmental Organisations (IGOs) and Grant-making Foundations (Donors)? Which networks and organisations survive the departure of IGOs and Donors?

Mother Map

Comprised of clusters around: International Development (Sustainability, Population...) Advocacy (Lobby groups via UN Systems); Croatian & Serbian NGOs; American NGOs (National Women's History, End Family Abuse, NOW, etc.); Research/Resource (Scholarly, Education, Academic Associations); Women's Human Rights & Peace NGOs (Sisterhood is International, Democracy Development); and UN (UNHCR, Universal Decade for Human Rights, UNDP).

Networks without Grant-making Foundations (Donors)

Without OSI; there is no longer a connection between Research/Resource, Women's Human Rights & Peace, and Development.

* There are no significant changes without Ford or Global Fund for Women Foundations

* Without grants the research/resouce cluster comes apart, and depends more on Center for Women's Global Leadership

* The Development, Peace & Human Rights, and Research clusters loosen when donors leave; the divide between the three groups disapear

* Without donors Croatia/Yugoslavia NGOs still keep the network issue of violence relevant

* Without donors the number of clusters remain the same.

Networks without Inter-Governmental Organisations (IGOs)

* Without IGOs the number & size of clusters are reduced.

* There is no significant difference when the intergovenmental agencies leave

* Without IGOs the Development, Peace & Human Rights, and Research clusters become more divided and segregated to their cluster

* Without UN organizations the Croatia/Yugoslavia NGO cluster no longer has a direct link to the deveoplment cluster

Networks without Inter-Governmental Organisations & Grant-making Foundations (Donors)

*· Without both, the clusters Resource/Research and American action organizations regroup or realign themselves to other groups

* The Women's Human Rights and Peace cluster no longer exists

* No significant changes of key actors change in the Development, Advocacy, and Croatian/Yugoslavia NGO groups. (The networks still exist, since issues of violence are common among the three groups)


*One significant organizational type is one that does not shift or loosen its cluster when donors and Intergovenmental organizations are removed. Therefore we would like to cooperate with those groups that would not shift their violence agenda once donors and intergovernmental orgaizations are removed.

* Such clusters and issues for future co-operation regarding gender based violence are Development, Advocacy, and Croatia & Yugoslavia clusters.

* There is little possibility for future cooperation with clusters that have dissolved ( Human Rights & Peace organizations, and Resource and Research) when changes to IGOs and Donors are made.

* Therefore, issues of violence are mostly relevant to Development, Advocacy, and Croatia & Yugoslavia NGOs clusters.

The Network Effects of IGOs and Donors: The Case of the Women's Network Internet Governance Map Enron
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