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The map depicts a network of actors on the web who discuss, critique, circulate research, and actively organize responses to the collapse of the U.S. energy corporation Enron.

The map is dominated by four clusters of organizations all of whom tend to offer critical, progressive, or left of center positions on the issue. The cluster of actors include: activist support organizations (Corpwatch/ faireconomy.org), liberal American think tanks (Tom Paine), progressive media outlets and portals (Alternet.org), and advocates for open government in the U.S. (Common Cause). Notably absent are educational institutions, government actors (who largely hyper-link policy and government committee documents), or other corporations.

Since the issue has begun to fade from the broader media limelight (the “scandal first emerged in October 2001), this map provides a glimpse into the expanding “lessons learned” from the Enron debacle (web research conducted May 18-20, 2002).

The following readings of the map thus document the key strategies of “resisting issue decline” on the web.

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