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Internet Governance Map


Locate the Internet governance network. Query the network for the future role for the Global Internet Policy Initiative (GIPI).

Mother Map

Shows the following clusters

- Isle of Lessig
- E-commerce government
- ICANN amongst industry friends
- Research and policy sector around Berkman Center and Common Cause
- ICANN elections debate with ICANN Not!, etc.
- GIPI distanced from ICANN


Explains US departure from governing the Internet and turning it over to other actors.

ICANN and Industry

ICANN’s position shows its proximity to industry meetings

Research and policy cluster and the radicals

There are 2 sub networks around Common Cause and the Civil Society Internet Forum (CSIF). Eclectic mélange of on the one hand, academic/NGO study partnership, and on the other hand, small garage groups of critics, satirists. [Soros.org assumes an intermediate position between ICANN and the ICANN elections debate, the only donor in that area.]

Lessig leaves the elections debate

Larry Lessig did not bring the debate with him from the Berkman Center to Stanford.

GIPI pulls CDT out of the critics’ corner

The Network Effects of IGOs and Donors: The Case of the Women's Network Internet Governance Map Enron
Corporate Responsibility The Development Gateway Issue

Internet Governance Map