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party people
"The clubbing scene has always had a sexual edge and Viagra has a place in that," said the dealer. "Coke and E get you sexed up, but they can also restrict orgasm. With Viagra you don't get that."
older men
As I reach the end of the street, a teenage Thai boy tries to whisper: " have it all. All the Viagra you need. Keeps your dreams coming."
Women, in a Boston University study, may find it desirable "as long as the situation is one she would normally find enjoyable, arousing and emotionally fulfilling".
giant panda's
The zoo-keeper: "We tried to give them Chinese medicine in the mid-1990s. As a result, the sex drive of the pandas did improve but they also became hot-tempered and attacked the females."
gay men
To raise awareness about the risk of mixing Viagra and amyl nitrite ("poppers"), which led to the deaths of three gay men in West Hollywood, Calif., in 1998.