Karabakh Conflict - Azerbaijan

Starting Points
Starting Points didn't make the network. Of the 8 starting points, only 1, Adil Baguirov's Virtual Azerbaijan Resources, made the network.

 Local NGO
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 Web directories
Story 1 - Azeri Genocide
The AzeriGenocide.org website is one of the starting points in the network, but in the end the site didn't make the issue network. Due to a spam campaign by the AzeriGenocide web team, most web masters of Azerbaijan sites know about the AzeriGenocide site, and the AzeriGenocide banner is posted on many Azerbaijan-related sites. However, none of the final Karabakh issue network sites have links to AzeriGenocide.org.
Considering that the Khojaly Tragedy and Friends of Turkey sites made the network, it's not clear why AzeriGenocide didn't, especially as AzeriGenocide initiated a recent and popular campaign to repeal Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act, an issue which is important for most Azeris.

Story 2 - Outlinks
Four sites made the network without having any outlinks to other network members: Karabakh.org, OSI-Azerbaijan, Friends of Turkey, and UNDP-Azerbaijan.
One site, Soros NY, had just one link to a network member, the Soros foundation in Azerbaijan.
The sites with the most outlinks in the network, Khojaly Tragedy and Azerbaijan Internet Links, had 11 and 12 outlinks respectively. Khojaly didn't link to Soros NY or Friends of Turkey (no-one, not even Azerbaijan Internet Links, linked to Friends of Turkey).
Strangely, both OSI-Azerbaijan and Soros NY made the network in spite of having practically no outlinks. Soros NY linked only to OSI-Azerbaijan, its Azerbaijan office, while OSI-Azerbaijan doesn't even link to its NY head office. Meanwhile, the information sites supported by both organizations - Eurasianet.org in NY and search.aznet.org in Azerbaijan, didn't make the network at all.
Most sites in the network have a Karabakh section, but apart from Azerbaijan A-Z, most sites have very little information about Karabakh itself. They acknowledge the issue purely by linking.

Story 3 - Inlinks
The President's site had the most inlinks, at 6. Virtual Azerbaijan and Karabakh.org had 5 each.
Academy of Sciences, Azerbaijan A-Z, Azerbaijan Internet Links, Soros NY, OSI-Azerbaijan, and UNDP-Azerbaijan each had 4 inlinks.
Khojaly Tragedy, Yellow Pages, Azerweb, and Azerbaijan International had 3 links each.
Friends of Turkey made the network but had NO inlinks from network members. The site is designed in French, it seems intended for the Council of Europe and European community in support of Turkey's joining Europe, in spite of the strong Armenian lobby in France and Armenian protests to the contrary.
Story 4 - GOV
It may seem surprising that the President.Az links to all Azeri non-governmental sites in this network (Karabakh.org, Khojaly and Virtual Azerbaijan), considering that the usual Azerbaijan government policy to ignore, control or close NGOs in the country. However, all three sites support the Azerbaijan government position on Karabakh and are therefore key Azeri sites in the propaganda war between Azerbaijan and Armenia.
  • Virtual Azerbaijan Resources (VAR)
    VAR is the first main Azerbaijan web resource and is run by an Azeri based in California, Adil Baguirov. Adil is arguably the most prolific single web presence from Azerbaijan. In addition to VAR, Adil has established the Habarlarl-L (news-L in Azeri) list, which is the main news digest available on the web.
  • Karabakh.Org
    It's not clear who runs Karabakh.org. It's hosted by a key commercial provider, AdaNet, which is tied to Russian oil major Lukoil's information company LukoilInfo.
  • Khojaly Tragedy
    The Khojaly site refers to a disputed event in February 1992, when several hundred Azeri civilians were killed, with reports of victims being mutilated. Some Azeri websites refer to the event as a genocide.
    The real surprise on President.Az, actually, is that the site also links to one international NGO (Soros NY's Azerbaijan resource page - now moved to the Eurasianet Azerbaijan section). As the Soros resource page contains links to media and human rights organizations that are extremely critical of the Azerbaijan government.