Child Labor Network May 2001

1                 Startingpoints

1.1            Worldbank

I choose the World Bank, because this institution can have a big influence on the global labor market, which can have an direct effect (positive or negative) on child labor, but also indirect effects, in a way that it influences the environment children grow up (education,...)

1.2            Global March Against Child Labor

A site with informative, but also activistic information, more on the emotional side.

Even though I was able to find link-lists, the one from Global March didnít quite work without hit&crawl.

1.3            UNICEF

Considering explorational child labor being against the childrenís rights


2                 The Pool

2.1            IPEC

 = International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour

A Spanish link-list

(, the rest of the site is in English.

A rather political oriented organization (ratification of contentions,...)


Links to:

2.2            Oneworld     


Links to:

2.3            CRIN

= child rights information center

Similar to OneWorld        

They link to:


2.4            ICLP

= The International Child Labor Program is part of the U.S. Department of Laborís Bureau of International Labor Affairs

Links to:

2.5            ILO

= International Labor Organization


Links to:   CLC  Save The Children  -- Verbindung zu STC UK vorhanden - verweisen auch darauf, dass die seite umgezogen ist. der link fuehrt einen aber zur index-seite von STC UK und nicht zur Child Labour site. Auf der index-site ist ein Link zur neuen CL site vorhanden, dann schaut sie gleich aus.  Domain ist trotzdem anders.  (Vergleichbar mit CWA!)     auf italienisch? aber englische Version vorhanden.

2.6            ICFTU

= International Confederation of Free Trade Unions

Many sites relevant to the issue. Very informative, but also they make a call for people to sign a petition, right on their index-site.


Links to:

2.7            Library of Congress

Shows pictures on child labor

Does not link to anybody, except to other governmental sites.

2.8            Casa Alianza

Links to:

2.9            United Nations Childrens Fund

Innocenti Research Centre, Florence, Italy (= Child Development Center)

Links to:

2.10        Free the Children

Campaining NGO especially for children under 18. Information on and strategies how they can help other children.

No links to other sites

2.11        Essay on Child Labour in India

Finally made it in the network. Sometimes geocities does not work, which makes one think the page does not exist. But sometimes it does. Itís a paper on child labor in India.

3                 Not in the Network

Doesnít exist anymore


Doesnít make it into the network, is not about the issue.

does not exist anymore


BBC    The results from a query on child labor

Site does not exist anymore


It is interesting to note, that the more activistic organizations do not receive any links from the three startingpoints. Also these sites are not very interlinked, nor do they give many links to the network at all.

Sites made it in the network if they received at least two links from the pool or the startingpoints.

If only the netlocator is being used, if one has more then eight relevant sites, including the startingpoints, some members of the network might not receive links from the startingpoint, which will not be the case with the new version of the netlocator.